11 Feb

Microsoft just held their X10 media event in San Francisco today with some major gaming announcements. Major headlines are as follows:

Modern Warfare 2 exclusive DLC this Spring

Toy Soldiers XBLA block party March 3rd along with Perfect Dark, Scrap Metal. and Game Room later on in the month

Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition Bundle for $399 on launch day March 9th

Halo Reach multiplayer beta on May 3rd accessible through Halo 3: ODST disc

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction April 13th in North America, April 16th in UK, April 28th in Japan

Alan Wake May 18th North American launch, May 21st in Europe. Get Bright Falls Bonus Pack (Avatar gear, XBL theme and “making of” video) with pre-order. New trailer here

Lost Planet 2 launches in North America and Europe on May 18th. Split screen co-op announced.

Dead Rising 2 August 31st North American release date. Sept 3rd in Europe. Dead Rising: Case Zero exclusive DLC on XBL prior to launch.

Fable III available this holiday season.

One thought on “Microsoft’s X10 Event Highlights, Splinter Cell/Alan Wake Release Dates”

  1. Shouldn’t a Special Edition Bundle be cheaper than buying a console and the game? $400 is pricey!

    Besides the most likely timed exclusive DLC, a lot of cool dates are in here, specifically, Halo Reach Beta, Splinter Cell concrete release date, Alan Wake release date.

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