10 Feb

The recently released DLC for Mass Effect 2 may have acted as a hint for a more complex batch of content that could be coming to Bioware’s galaxy. Those logged into the Cererbus Network, the game’s unique download hub, received a new wall of scrolling text in the “news” feed that listed a story on a new sentient race, the mysterious “raloi”, had been accepted into the intergalatic community. One of the game’s NPCs also spoke a line on their being “Hundreds of races” within the game’s open world known as Citadel Space. While the Cerberus Network has released several humorous stories, most recently concerning the Super Bowl, but with their proposal of consistent DLC support, the raloi could be what gamers can expect to either be fighting for or against in Mass Effect 2.

What do we think? Will the raloi be a new race to play around with in ME2? What would they look/act like? Or is this just meant as a story? Give us your feedback below!

One thought on “Rumor: New Race Coming to Mass Effect 2?”

  1. “The Raloi made first contact with the Asari in 2184 after launching their first space telescope and discovering the Asari cruiser Avedes. ”

    I believe the year of ME2 is 2185. So basically they’re brand spanking new and likely infants in terms of space technology… kind of like us right now in real life.

    “Their planet of origin is Turvess, and Council-sponsored shuttles (for which tickets have been sold out for months) will be departing for Turvess bearing intrigued visitors and their gifts of goodwill.”

    I guess we get to make contact with this species. For some reason the entire feels to this has Stargate-SG1 vibe to me. Perhaps there is some sinister plot behind all of this MUAHAHAHAHA!

    The quoted information from the Mass Effect wiki though. So it may not be accurate.

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