02 Dec

Don’t think Blizzard gets tired swinging their ban hammer. The mega-developer just released the fury on a new collection of StarCraft 2 hackers and illegal players. No details were released on this specific mass-ban, but it appears that the situation is similar to the previous bans earlier this year. Blizzard has released an official statement […]

09 Sep

Gamestop, the leading retailer of video games in the United States, announced this past Thursday that it will not sell Danger Close Games and DICE’s Medal of Honor at any of its military base-locations. The move comes from an agreement with military retailers, who claim the move to be “out of respect for the men […]

31 Jul

The Ministry of Information and Communication has placed new, strict regulations on online gaming in the country, stating the action as a preventative measure against youth corruption. Pending the exact implementation of the new regulations, the measure bans all overnight online gaming from taking place over public access channels and all advertisements for online gaming […]

24 May

The people of Germany have spoken, and they want their blood and gore back. A petition bearing 73,000 signatures has just made its way into federal hands, and by law, the Parliament must now take the argument into legislative consideration. The author of the petition spoke in front of the Committee of Petitions, advocating for […]