05 Jun

Defined by a similar series of lengthy trailers and/or gameplay demonstrations as most of the day’s pre-E3 events, Sony’s 2012 Press Conference has already birthed one particular moment of lingering infamy; one particular demo destined for a meme legacy alongside “$599 U.S. Dollars” and “I’m going to attack it’s weak point for massive damage.”

04 Jun

Video begins playing at 18:10 Ubisoft’s E3 Conference played out with more of an eye for on-stage theatrics than the rest of the day’s pressers, opening with a dance crew advertising Just Dance 4‘s October release window (also on Wii U) and featuring an internet celebrity for good measure. Hosted by Aisha Tyler (FX’s “Archer”), […]

18 Aug

As part of their morning press conference today, Konami introduced our first look at gameplay for the Vita-bound Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Expected to be a multiplayer action title of some variety, it was revealed that the designers at WayForward have taken the survival horror formula to the top-down shooter genre. The non-canon entry […]