03 Dec

November was a busy month for the Elder-Geek staff! We hosted our first Beard Off. We held a contest for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. We hit up Anime USA, wrote about Feminism in Gaming, released our Holiday Buyer’s Guides and we also had our fair share of video reviews too!

So, here’s a quick digest of our November biggest hits! At the bottom are all the covers that were featured this month! A huge thank you to the staff for making it all possible!


2009 Beard Off Entries and Results Pages

Kipp and Rachel’s What We’re Thankful For poem

Nine Video Game Characters That Are Actually Bruce Lee

Elder-Geek.com at Anime USA

Playing With Gender

Assassin’s Creed: Fact and Fiction

and more…


Halo Book Series


A Boy and His Blob

Dragon Age: Origins

Assassin’s Creed II

Tony Hawk Ride

God of War Collection

Modern Warfare 2

and more….

November in Covers

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