19 Mar

Lost in Nightmares is the smaller of the two major additions to Resident Evil 5 that can be found in Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition. While Desperate Escape is heavy on the action and light on atmosphere and story, Lost in Nightmares is incredibly light on the action… still light on the story, but what it adds in atmosphere is simply stunning, even if it is recreating something we’ve seen over and over again for years.

Jill, the master of lock picking, can open the front door.

LiN takes place after the events of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2 and just before the beginning of Resident Evil 5. Chris and Jill are in search of Wesker to make him pay for all the crimes he’s committed against humanity… you know… turning entire cities into zombies and everything. In a last ditch effort to discover Wesker’s whereabouts, Chris and Jill are ordered by the BSAA to infiltrate the mansion home of Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer.

Upon entering the foyer area of the mansion, gamers will realize the layout of the mansion is nearly identical to the mansion found in the original Resident Evil except everything has been glossed over with grime and current generation lighting effects. There are bodies strewn about the floors. And the walls and ceilings are painted with blood. Quite simply, it’s hauntingly beautiful.

Each room the player visits will bring back memories of 1996. And it honestly feels NICE to recognize the old rooms and traps.

Just down here should be a zombie munching on another man's head.

While hauntingly beautiful, it’s also quiet.

Almost TOO quiet.

As I entered the room next to the fireplace in the dining room, I was hoping to encounter my first zombie. In fact, my heart jumped up a bit in anticipation. If the mansion had been repainted with such a scary level of gore and detail, then certainly the zombies must have too. I force kicked open the door and readied my weapon…

No zombie…

After solving some incredibly simple puzzles, I found myself in the famous dog hallway. Lightning crashes and the light in the room flickers. You can hear the sounds of dogs outside the window.

No dog… In fact, what is sent through the window as a “joke” feels more like Capcom spitting in the face of the fans of what Resident Evil used to be.

Let’s do a real quick recap. While controlling Chris and Jill, we have a near exact representation of the old mansion from the original Resident Evil, a limited ammo supply, cranks, puzzles and codes, but there are no zombies or zombie dogs to be found within. Capcom, you just created a Faberge egg and then dropped it on the floor… and then stepped on it.

Not half as scary as a zombie or a zombie dog, here comes Anchor Man!

There are a few dangers lurking the hallways though. Giant Manjini or Ganados or whatever you want to call them roam a few of the hallways with giant anchors as weapons. They’re not very frightening as they’re slow moving, they take a few minutes to wind up their swings and they lack in numbers. However, their blows can be devastating if they connect a swing or two.

To kill the beasts, you can either unload all your ammunition into them or you can later devise traps to squish them under giant slabs of spiked stones. Trapping them to squish them contains no challenge whatsoever and considering their slow movement speed, it feels like an artificial way to lengthen this criminally short DLC.

The entire experience is wrapped up in a fight with Wesker in the library in which Jill tackles Wesker and they both go flying out the window. The End.

If Lost in Nightmares was packed together with Desperate Escape for $7, I’d say “worth purchasing” easily. But as it is, for $5 all alone, I really can’t recommend it unless you just want to take a gander at the recreated mansion. Once a single playthrough is over, you probably won’t be going back. You can never go home again. Either home has change or you have changed. In this sense… home is the one who has changed for the worst.