06 Apr

When Pandemic Games was shut down by Electronic Arts in November 2009, at least two unannounced games were also cancelled. One of these games was supposed to be the next instalment in the Mercenaries-franchise. Details concerning the other project that was cancelled were not made available. Today, artwork for the Mercenaries-sequel, known as Mercs Inc., was revealed by a former artist of the studio. Concept art for another cancelled project known as Legends was also revealed. Legends had already been cancelled in 2008.

While there is only a single piece of artwork available for Mercs Inc., the artist states that it “will give you an idea of the look and feel we were going for.” The artwork for Legends shows a world of floating landmasses and large ships. Both games were originally set to be released on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The available artwork can be found after the jump.

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