04 Jun

Over the years, many organizations have released custom Wii peripherals that are designed to made to make motion controls more realistic. Innex, an organization that specializes in providing console accessories, has announced that it has acquired the rights to sell a new Wii-peripheral based on the iconic Heckler & Koch Maschinenpistole 5, more commonly known as the MP5, in the United States. The peripheral has built-in functionality to replace the standard Wii-mote, nunchuck and Wii Motion Plus and will also feature speaker and rumble capabilities.

The controller features a detachable magazine that is used to house batteries. Pictures of the controller can be found after the jump. Innex will showcase the controller at the upcoming E3 in Los Angeles, later this month.

4 thoughts on “MP5 Wii-Peripheral to be Shown at E3”

  1. The media is gonna eat this one up for sure… I can already imagine a network like Fox going out of their minds over this at the next act of teenage-violence.

    1. But there have already been stand alone games that look like real guns, and other peripherals. But yeah, I know what you mean, it is stupid. Look to the arcades, they have sniper games, and cop games.

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