06 Aug

A set of screenshots and artwork from the upcoming Wii-exclusive JRPG The Last Story have been released on the game’s website. The Last Story, which is being designed by the creator of the Final Fantasy series, Hironobu Sakaguchi, is¬†currently in development at Mistwalker and set for a Japanese release somewhere later this year. It is unclear when this game will be available in the United States or other western territories.

The screenshots that were released show off wide environments, but also provide a look at a bustling city and a castle-interior. Several stills from in-game cutscenes and a battle scene are included as well. Besides these in-game images, several pieces of character art have been released for Kanan, Elsa, Quark, Seiren, and Yuris, each of which are playable characters in the game. The screenshots and images can be found after the jump.

Though specific details concerning the game are still scarce, it has been indicated that the Wii-mote will be used for two specific purposes during the gameplay. Using the Wii-mote, players will be able to lure enemies and draw them to a specific location on-screen, allowing the player to acquire superior positions with respect to these enemies. The Wii-mote will also be used to designate specific enemies, which will provide in turn provide more information as to which party member is currently being engaged by this enemy. Additional features of the game were not revealed.

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  1. That is a whole lot of screens, and they look good. Now I want a release date for this in NA, and for the rest of the regions. I expect a release date at TGS though.

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