13 Jun

E3 is awash in spectacles for the senses, particularly the eyes. And while big budget film cameras can give you a widescreen pan over entire show floors, press conferences, and developer booths, there are some moments the good old still photo camera manages to catch even better. Unfortunately, Elder Geek has yet to staff an accredited photographer for our convention team, so you’ll have to suffer through my attempts at the great skill of pointing and shooting. Below you’ll find the gallery of the least crappy snapshots I got while basking in the various glows of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

5 thoughts on “Best of Gav’s E3 Snapshots”

  1. I see boobies!

    Didn’t they at some point promise they would ban booth babes from E3? I think I remember reading something along those lines a few years ago.

    1. They did for a couple shows. They had changed the format entirely but it ended up almost killing it so they went back to what they had, which is awesome if you ask me.

  2. I don’t know what G4 was showing at E3, but I’m willing to put it down as “Best of the Show.”

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