27 May

San Francisco, California – May, 26, 2009

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Announced yesterday for the Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS, the latest in the handheld massive-action franchise, Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron, is set to expand the gameplay mechanics of the series to “…new levels of interaction and excitement…” New to the license are multi-platform battle-fields, with levels both on the ground and in space. Players control X2, a clone trooper created with the DNA of a Jedi master, who decides to abandon his mission (Order 66: eliminate all Jedi) and fight instead for the resistance. In addition to the throngs of enemy soldiers and mech in his way, his clone brother, X1, who chose the polar opposite path, seeks X2’s destruction. The PSP version will feature the deepest customization features ever for the series and up to 16-player multiplayer, and the DS version will come packed with unique, class-based gameplay. Both will have several multiplayer modes, including the new “Heroes and Villains,” where players can take up control of the most iconic characters from the universe and duke it out.