09 Jul

GameStreamer, Inc. today at 10:11 a.m. announced the launch of its groundbreaking B2B White Label Online Game Store, which is provided as a SaaS. GameStreamer’s unique Game Store offers an intuitive White Label Partner Extranet with full CSS controls that allows Game Store operators to easily customize the branding and design of their store, as well as manage their own catalog and featured content. The White Label Partner Extranet also includes SAP accounting and analytics, statistics and customized reports for billing, marketing, and demographic reporting.

GameStreamer has contracted over 3,500 games today ranging from Indie to Casual to AAA New Releases and is growing rapidly. GameStreamer’s Content Extranet provides publishers and developers a secure, automated system to publish, protect, activate and then digitally distribute their games across a mass network of B2B White Labeled Partners’ Game Stores. GameStreamer is dedicated to the development of an Enterprise Class gaming service. With hundreds of clustered servers spread and load-balanced in multiple multi-homed data centers across the world, and currently over 3000MBs to the internet; GameStreamer has developed an exceptionally robust and advanced gaming system. The system was purposely overbuilt to support a lion’s share of online gaming distribution.GameStreamer offers amazingly fast download times, the highest quality service and best overall game purchasing and license management experience. In short we have created the iTunesĀ© equivalent for Computer Games which will result in the widest catalogue of games available anywhere.

“Our Service will continue to escalate the expectations of demanding gamers and bring gaming to the next level,” said Tim Roberts, CEO of GameStreamer, Inc. “GameStreamer is taking a verticalized approach to game stores. We see the market today as being a 2-channel system, even though there are tens of thousands of games available. We are working with White Label Partners from churches to schools to hip hop sites, in addition to the more mainstream game publishers, retailers and e-tailers. We book-end the market with a wide catalogue and full spectrum of games from Christian games, Education to Casual and Core gaming content.”

“It allows companies with websites generating traffic to quickly bring in additional profits that are superior to traditional advertising,” said Nathan Lands, EVP of Marketing. “GameStreamer is what I like to call a Win-Win-Win situation. It’s a win for the publishers and developers because it gives them a means to gain maximum exposure and profit from their entire catalogue of games. Everything is automated for them, from DRM wrapping to content to distribution. It’s a win for the Game Store white label partners because we provide them enterprise class ecommerce solutions and they are able to integrate our store into their site. And it’s a win for consumers because they can find games on their favorite websites targeted directly to their interests.”