13 Aug

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment were the latest in a long line of companies delaying their titles until 2010, pushing Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest from it’s original Fall 2009 date to a more unknown period in the Spring of next year. The title follows the famous ranger-turned-king in his most action-packed quests during the plotline of the famous fantasy book trilogy, taking up a variety of weapons against the darker sides of Middle Earth. Sporting a fresh take on the world and it’s inhabitants, Aragorn’s Quest also features a co-operative play mode, with a second player taking up the robes of series’ mage Gandalf. The family-oriented action title will be making it’s way to the Nintendo DS and Wii, as well as the Playstation 2 and PSP.

One thought on ““Aragorn’s Quest” Delayed”

  1. Why is that screenshot so colorful? Crap I was actually looking forward to this one assuming it was gonna be similar to the kickass last-gen titles.

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