29 Aug

With the slew of price drop and new system announcements, we have complied a price list of what you  may expect to pay this holiday season for current gen consoles.

Note: Prices are at MSRP (US). Does not include bundles.


Xbox 360 Elite 120gb: $299.99 (no longer includes HDMI cable)
Xbox 360 Pro 60gb: $249.99
Xbox 360 arcade: $199.99


Wii: $249.99
DSi: $169.99
DS lite: $129.99


PS3 Slim 120gb: $299.99 (omission of USB/memory card ports)
PS3 80GB: $299.99
PSP GO 16gb: $249.99
PSP 3000: $169.99
PS2: $99.99

4 thoughts on “Holiday 09 Console Prices Breakdown”

  1. ^It has two, just like the 80gb or the 160gb. It has all the ports of the previously mentioned systems, just smaller, and they moved the HDD panel to the front kinda where the USB ports are.

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