16 Aug

Looks like Sony and Zipper Interactive will be starting next year of with a 256-person bang. In a post on the official Playstation Blog, Sony Computer Entertainment of America confirmed the PS3-exclusive massive online shooter will arrive on North American store shelves on January 26th. This is contrary to their announcements at this year’s E3, which seemed to set up the IP for a holiday 2009 release.

M.A.G. began as a working title (short for “Massive Action Game”) and quickly became one of the Playstation 3’s leading titles, with promises of online bouts reaching upwards of 256 players, and fast squad-based combat between three rival PMCs on expansive, city-sized maps. For both details on the game and it’s release, hit up Sony and Zipper Interactive here.

2 thoughts on ““MAG” to Release in Early 2010”

  1. ^I’ll join. By that time I should have a Wifi range extender near my room so my PS3 can have a better connection, currently it is on the border of not connecting, but I will have that before I do any online stuff more.

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