10 Aug

The Rumors about the Playstation brand are really beginning to swell. With Japan discontinuing the 80 Gig model and reports from “Mysterious Retailers” discussing the price point change the speculation is mounting.

Here is what is rumored so far…

  • Playstation 3 Slim Model is on the Way?
  • Announcement of Playstation 3 Firmware 3.0?
  • Playstation 3 Price Cut of anywhere from 50$-150$?
  • New PSN?
  • New Premium PSN Service with unlimited downloads for fee?
  • PSP GO! Price Cut?
  • More Information at GamesCon

Only time will tell which (if any) of these will come true.

One thought on “Playstation Rumors Beginning to Mount”

  1. No BC update rumor? : (

    I kind of hope they don’t announce a slim, because knowing me I’ll have to buy it @_@

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