06 Aug

To reveal Lord of Vermillion II, the sequel to the Japanese arcade smash hit. Upon entering the website, you’re greeted with three strange images indicating crossovers with Final Fantasy IV, Romancing Sa. Ga II, and Magic: The Gathering.


At the bottom of the page is a box that reveals as much as it can to anyone who doesn’t speak Japanese.


While it is clear that Lord of Vermillion II will feature characters and creatures from the above three franchises, it’s unknown whether or not the game will remain chained to an arcade cabinet in Japan or if it will find its way onto our home consoles.

8 thoughts on “Squenix Countdown Has Ended”

  1. ^ I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually–PSP enhanced remakes of PS1 titles sell like hotcakes. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, Star Ocean 1 and 2, Persona 1, Lunar 1, etc. But I’m still chasing the pipe dream that they’ll remake FFVI and maybe IX using the XIII engine on the PS3. I mean the engine is built already and from what I’ve read that’s usually a very large part of making a game.

  2. I want a FFVIII remake using the XIII engine, I can dream, but who knows, and it would have to be on the PS3.

    I think there will be a FFV or FFVI on the DS, since the engine is there already, but who knows, this is SE we are talking about.

  3. I doubt the PSP would get remakes of III and IV if the DS already has them. Square Enix doesn’t like to release games that will compete against each other. Which is the reason I & II aren’t on the DS and why they will never release Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy IV on the virtual console.

    Anyone else notice they used Kain and Golbez’ etymological names?

  4. Eeesh I mean I enjoyed FFIV DS but I don’t think that the DS can do VI justice. I’d say a PSP remake of that one would be the very least they could do if not a full fledged PS3 remake.

    But it’s like I said before–I’d settle for 16:9 versions with redrawn backgrounds and sprites and orchestrated music. No script changes or voice acting necessary, no 3D engine necessary. Just make something I can enjoy on my big screen with my Dualshock 3 and something I can take with me on my PSP.

    I never thought I’d say this but…Squenix would you mind being greedier and double-dip more often?

  5. It probably all depends on how well the DS games are selling. I haven’t checked myself, but I have a feeling they aren’t doing the greatest.

    I would personally prefer if they do the remake in 3D, 2D is great but if they just do a 2D remake there wouldn’t be any reason for me to want to play it over FFVI on the SNES. Unless of course it’s a 2D remake on the PS3/360 :p

  6. The way I see it, 2D sprite-based remakes optimized for 16:9 and HD would be perfect. Throw in a fully orchestrated soundtrack and use Amano’s designs for the character sprites as well as the monster sprites and you have a kickass PSN game.

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