16 Sep


Capcom brings a new IP to the field with Last Ranker, a battle-centric RPG exclusively for the PSP. Developed by DS-veterans Image Epoch (Luminous Arch 2 – Will, Seventh Dragon), the game centers around Zig, who aims to the best fighter within the game-world’s all-encompassing battle culture. From the scant details available, the game seems to revolve around real-time battle mechanics, and features some heavy development behind it. Niinou Kazuya (Seventh Dragon) will be directing the title, with Matsukawa Minae (Phoenix Wright) on hand as producer. In addition, Nojima Kazushige (Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts) will be writing the game’s scenario, Shimomura Yoko (Street Fighter II, Kingdom Hearts) will compose the official soundtrack, and Yoshikawa Tatsuya (Breath of Fire, Devil May Cry 4) will act as character designer. No official word on release date or plot intracacies, but Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu received a first-look exclusive with the game, the photo spread of which can be found after the jump.