12 thoughts on “Top 10 Melee Weapons in FPSes”

  1. the ulaks were the best part of assault on dark athena lol, they were seriously awesome. impact hammer is my fav though, kick ass weapon.

  2. Man, the crowbar? No offense to the folks that liked it, but it’s just so boring to use in HL1. The lack of a beefy sound, elaborate animation, or any real reaction from the enemy makes it so boring! Not to mention at times it was in fact annoying to use because the CLANG CLANG CLANG against almost any surface.

    Thinking back, the rifle-butt for the G43 and M1Garand of DoD shoulda’ made it. That thing is so nice sounding.

  3. This is what we voted on? Man we have horrible taste 😛 I know a lot of people hate Halo for some reason, but the Gravity Hammer definitely deserved to be on the list.

    1. funny thing if i had been here for the nomiations i would have but my PC was in the shop for 2 months. Also you have much to learn when it comes to fighters…

  4. One thing I regret not being there is the Blackjack from the THIEF series. Although technically it’s not an FPS. But as far as melee weapons go, the Blackjack trumps even the crowbar in its utility.

  5. A lot I agree with, but with pissing and slapping and kicking being included as “melee weapons” I have to kinda conclude that perhaps 10 was too big of a number for this countdown lol.

    I really do think riot prod or whatever that thing that stunned enemies with electricity was much more awesome choice for Deus Ex but whatever, just the fact that Deus Ex got mentioned is pretty freakin sweet.

    I really agree with crowbar as #1 because you always have it with you and since Half-Life is a franchise most guilty of having pointless wooden boxes blocking your path, no melee weapon in any other fps game has felt so handy and efficient as a crowbar.

    I would have proposed energy sword in Halo 2 somehwere in there tho and would have probably suggested knife from Counter-Strike instead of from Call of Duty since in CS, you actually have to equip your knife.

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