16 Oct


Via Destructoid, famed developer Rockstar has announced a digital download collection of their previous portable efforts, termed “The Legacy Collection,” for the Playstation Store. Basically it’s the same digitization treatment many titles have the PSP’s library has received since the PSPGo’s launch early this month, but the added convenience is sure to drum up more sales for these dated releases. In all, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, Manhunt 2 and Midnight Club: L.A. Remix have been announced for the collection. Rockstar will also receive an individualized storefront on Sony’s digital distribution platform, starting on October 22nd. Coming equipped with the storefront are several other titles not included in “The Legacy Collection.” Grand Theft Auto’s handheld iterations: Vice City Stories, Liberty City Stories, and Chinatown Stories; in addition to The Warriors and the recently released music creation studio Beaterator.

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