10 Nov


Despite many gamers contesting Harmonix’s Rock Band franchise superiority over Guitar Hero, Activision stands behind the series’ consistently top sales in describing its popularity among all types of consumers. The media director at Activision UK, Andrew Brown, spoke for the company in a recent interview with online editorial MCV.

“Things like Guitar Hero has forced us to have that new approach – because we are selling a brand that’s as respected as the likes of the iPhone or Harley Davidson,” said Brown “If you watch TV now, you’ll see Guitar Hero in the sitcoms and the advertisements. That’s the level of the brand awareness, and you can’t do anything with a brand like that unless you manage it properly over a long period of time. So the long-term view is something we’ve developed. There’s still lots to do, and you can’t change the industry, but that’s our objective.”

2 thoughts on “Guitar Hero Respected Like Harley Davidson, Says Activision”

  1. Yeah, everyone knows that Harmonix knows their music games… and everyone should know that Rockband is generally the superiour music game.

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