17 Dec


Capcom continues its exploration of its distant past with the sequel to its surprising retro hit, Megaman 9 with the understandably titled Megaman 10. Still sporting the 8-bit style graphics and soundtrack, players will return the blue bomber to the series’ famous mixture of addictive gameplay and brutal difficulty in the year 20XX. Set during an outbreak of Roboenza, the entirety of the world’s robots seem to become infected, causing a sedentary culture of dependent humans to suffer for the loss of their helpful robotics. Those bots that don’t just become sicker and sicker from the robot flu have begun going on fevered rampages across the land, calling out Megaman once again to set things right. Megaman 10 will be returning to Xbox Live Arcade, the Playstation Store, and Wiiware, with no set release date yet revealed.

Megaman 10 will allow players to play as Proto-Man from the game’s start, and come equipped with several new challenges for the most masochistic players to undertake. Boss designs will continue to be under the supervision of Keiji Inafune, and the game will even sport a new Easy mode for newcomers. The game’s launch trailer and released screenshots can be found below.


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