26 Jan

Sony’s trying to re-define “big” in their multiplayer-only 256-player title, MAG. Although its dropped its self-explanatory original title of “Massive Action Game,” there is little denying the scope and appeal of this beast’s mega campaigns. Developed by Zipper Interactive, this MMO Shooter is set to take the addictiveness of Call of Duty and shoot it up to 11. So, as always, we present you all the official released media in our beloved one-stop-shop feature, the Video Blitz!

Set in the year 2025, in the Guns of the Patriot-style future of Private Military Companies fighting against smaller rogue organizations, the game is split between three factions: the underdogs hired from war-ravaged countries known as Seryi Volk Executive Response (S.V.E.R. pronounced as “sever”), the Western European high-techies Raven Industries, and the North American/UK vets in Valor Company.

Choose Your Loyalties

Developer Diary 1 – The Shadow War

Developer Diary 2 – 256

Developer Diary 3 – PMCs

Developer Diary 4 – Command and Control

Domination Mode

Acquisition Mode

Suppression Mode

Sabotage Mode

E3 2008 Trailer

Launch Trailer

Team Trailer

“Dear Playstation” TV Spot

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  1. Damn! I completely forgot this game was coming out this week! Seems like only yesterday when it was first announced… and now it is actually here 😀 Shame I don’t have a Ps3, but I’m dead anxious to know how this game will turn out!

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