16 Apr

Namco Bandai has issued a press release earlier today, stating that it has acquired the rights to publish Demon’s Souls in PAL-regions. The game was originally released in Japan on February 5th 2009, with a release in the United States on October 6th. The PAL version is currently slated for June 25th, 2010.

The PAL-release will include several items not found in the original Japanese or US versions of the game and is set to be released under the name of ‘Black Phantom Edition’. While an artbook was already included with the game in the United States, European users will find a hardcover artbook containing different pieces included with their purchase. Furthermore, a new strategy guide as well as the soundtrack to the game are included.

4 thoughts on “Europe Getting Special Demon’s Souls Release”

    1. I finally got the ring that will let me get extra souls, so now grinding is easier. I just wish I got it earlier, would have made certain sections easier.

      1. Just jump in a game with another player and help them kill an easy boss… this is the best way to gain some easy souls. I’ve killed the Silver Knight about 30 times!.

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