29 Oct

Keiji Inafune, the creator of the Mega Man series and producer of the Dead Rising, Lost Planet, and Onimusha franchises, has announced on his personal blog that he will be leaving Capcom at the end of the current month, effectively making today his final day in office. Last April, Inafune was named Global Head of Production at Capcom. Prior to assuming that position, he had occupied the position of Head of Research and Development, as well as Head of Online Business. Inafune started at Capcom 23 years ago, as an illustrator.

While Inafune did not specify what he intends to do next, he did indicate he will not be taking a break but is already looking for a new challenge. He added that he intends to “start his live over.” Seeing as Inafune has long been critical of the Japanese gaming industry, stating it is trailing when compared to the products Western developers are delivering, it seems likely that Inafune will take up a job at a Western developer or publisher.

One thought on “Inafune Leaves Capcom”

  1. I am now intrigued as to how the Street Fighter X Tekken game will shape up now. I am not too worried, but Inafune was a big part of that game, as well as other ones.

    I wonder where he is going to go next; if he is going to join another existing company or start up his own. Well we should hear soon as to what he is going to do.

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