30 Dec

PC Gamers have heard it all when it comes to Microsoft promises toward their system of choice. But if a source close to Tech Radar is to be believed, not only will Windows 8 (supposedly optimized for tablet PCs) from the company reinvigorate platform support, but represent a new era of support. Release details for the operating system are still up in the air, and Microsoft could not be reached for comment in response to the source’s report.

“Windows 8 will represent a real new push into PC gaming,” the source said. “Gaming will be a key component for the whole OS.”

One thought on “Microsoft: Windows 8 to ‘Represent New Push’ in PC Gaming”

  1. Hope this is true, as MS has really dropped the ball on PC support. Win 7 is great for gaming, but some games have compatibility issues that need severe work arounds to get them to work.

    Oh, and MS, while you are at it, fix Games for Windows Live; It is a piece of garbage and I hate it so. Look at Steam, Impulse, GoG, and D2D in how to restructure GFWL.

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