24 Jan

Yuji Naka, creator of Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights into Dreams, now with Kadokawa games, has revealed his latest game and character. Exclusive to Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii systems, Rodea – a fantasy flight-action title – aims to provide grand boss battles and a more “dramatic perspective” than is usually expected from the genre. Tales of the Abyss scribe Takumi Miyajima has been drafted to write the game’s story. No further details for the game have been given, but more is expected before this year’s E3.

“I’ve always wanted a game that captured the wonder of flying through the air, the sort of thing everyone’s dreamed about at least once in their lives,” Kadokawa producer Hitoshi Hasegawa told Famitsu magazine. “The idiosyncrasies of player and camera control have always been a problem with that, but with his unique perspective and experience, Naka has been able to find a solution for us.”

“The developers wanted a story that both kids and adults can identify with,” Miyajima said to Famitsu, “and so I wanted to emphasize the bonds and other feelings that people have for those they encounter in their lives. Seeing how Rodea, this mechanical creation with a very pure emotional outlook on the world, interacts with the other people in his world is something I think players will really enjoy.”


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  1. Oh good. I was bracing myself for another Sonic game with a new hedgehog that is really only a palette swap. I guess that’s solely in the hands of Sonic Team now.

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