16 Feb

After revealing that last year’s Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has sold 6.5 million units, its no surprise Ubisoft isn’t letting their lead franchise rest on its laurels. The publisher confirmed a new title in the franchise set for release sometime in the 2012 fiscal year (which ends next March of that year). This is separate from the Nintendo 3DS exclusive Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy shipping later this year, although Ubisoft has yet to specify exactly when this new title will launch, or whether or not it is the next numbered entry or another Brotherhood-style spin-off.

2 thoughts on “Ubisoft Confirms New ‘Assassin’s Creed’ for 2012”

  1. I like Assassin’s Creed and all, but a sequel or spin-off each year is a little much. Every two years is good, as it gives the studio enough time to work on the engine to remove the pop-ins, and also improve the combat (Brotherhood did a good job at improving the combat) and mission types.

  2. I think they’re releasing the game in 2012 Ubi fiscal year, which beings in April 2011, actually.

    Two things i’d like would be simultaneous PC releases and a hard difficulty option.

    And i’m rooting for England, industrial revolution era, if they can pull the accents right, for once.

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