23 Jul

Not a lot of good news coming down the pipe for 3DS owners. Sega recently announced delays for two of its games for the new handheld: a Shinobi reboot and Crush3D. Both games were due out this September, with Shinobi pushed back until November 15th of this year, and Crush3D moved into February 21st of next year.

Ubisoft took a more drastic approach with one of its 3DS games, canceling Assassin’s Creed: Lost Legacy outright. Alain Martinez, Ubi’s Chief Financial Officer, claimed the cancellation was put into place last September, and has nothing to due with the hardware’s lukewarm sales.

“[The cancellation] was a decision made back in September 2010,” Martinez said. “It wasn’t due to anything that took place. We felt the machine already had a number of hardcore games for its release.”

(via ShackNews, IGN)

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