06 Aug

Sony has announced its answer to the Xbox 360”s lucrative Summer of Arcade program, “PSN Play”. The annual “event” will host a series of new Playstation network titles bound under a special offer if purchased in bulk. This year, the games up for grabs are Capcom’s Street Fighter III Third Strike: Online Edition on August 23rd, Hothead’s The Baconing (third game in the Deathspank franchise) on August 30th, Majesco’s Bloodrayne: Betrayal on September 6th, and Sega’s Renegade Ops on September 13th.

Pre-ordering any game (the option available up until the week before each title’s release) will get a special XMB theme and unique DLC for each title. Purchasing all four games featured in the Play event by September 19th will net a download code for Sony Online Entertainment’s PAYDAY: The Heist. The PSN Play event is believed to be the reason for the delay of Bloodrayne Betrayal on Xbox Live Arcade, although no other featured titles have moved back release on the 360.

(via Playstation Blog)

Any “PSN Play” games incentive enough to follow the event, EGs? Give us your initial reactions in the comments section!

2 thoughts on “Playstation Network To Debut Annual “PSN Play” Event”

  1. Sounds like a collection of all the games I wouldn’t want to get (With the exception of The Baconing). The PSN is known for it’s quirky and innovative titles, why aren’t those on there?

  2. I plan on getting The Third Strike Remake (it is the best Street Fighter on the market), but nothing else in this bundle seems worth it… maybe if The Heist was part of the pack, I would be more interested (the game looks awesome!).

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