02 Aug

Another upcoming piece of Sony hardware, another swath of (likely true) release date rumors/leaks. Blockbuster UK listed an upcoming video game release schedule, which looks to include a street date for the Vita handheld. According to the posting, gamers will be able to pick up the device on October 28th. The date has its skeptics though, pointing out that Sony had mentioned Europe would be getting a later release than Japan and the States, and any earlier date seems a bit too soon for analysts.

(via IGN, through GamePro)

Think late October is a good release window for the Vita, EGs? Planning on picking one up at launch? Comment below!

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Playstation Vita Release Date Leaked”

  1. Well, early September or October would be better, considering that the Holiday releases start in mid to late October and run all the way through December.

    Though systems have released during the holiday season before and have done good, it just depends on Sony’s marketing and what games are going to be available on launch day.

  2. @Keck282 I think this is a bad move, late november or early december I thought would better, I know if I was younger I’d be asking for this as a Christmas gift so imagine how many will want one of these for Christmas =/

    And that price… I know it’s a nice piece of hardware but that costs more than a PS3 console, I still want one though, after seeing Uncharted being played on one I can’t wait.

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