01 Sep

Early last week, Wal-Mart advertised a price drop in the 4GB Kinect Xbox 360 bundle, from $299 to $249. Since then Microsoft has released a statement calling the price cut first an “independent decision” by Wal-Mart, before the retailer came out themselves calling the special “roll-back” price a listing error. Despite the mistake, the price drop will still be honored in stores until September 5th, or as long as supplies last. The bundle includes the advertised hardware with Kinect, a controller, composite cables, and a free month of Xbox Live Gold.

In the meantime, Canada’s mega-awesome Xbox 360 bundle deal (360 + Alan Wake + Gears of War 2 + Halo 3 + Halo Wars + Fable III for $300) remains valid for a limited time.

(via Joystiq)