04 Dec

What began as a monthly magazine in 1989 – and recently shifted to quarterly releases this past July – GamePro revealed that its November issue would be its last, and that its website will also cease production come this Monday (December 5th). The reason given was a lack of ad revenue, which caused significant layoffs at the company prior to its closure.

GamePro Media, the magazine and website’s parent organization (under the IDG label), will be “refocusing its US business exclusively on its growing custom publishing and solutions business.” Essentially this means the company will produce custom content affiliated with vendors or events. PCWorld will now be the parent organization’s sole editorial publishing effort in the US.

“The U.S. editorial and business staff worked hard to earn a passionate, loyal following for GamePro and I am grateful for their dedication and hard work over the years,” said Mike Kisseberth, head of IDG’s Consumer and Small Business media group. “GamePro, like all businesses, must keep up with industry changes and economic realities. Marci and her colleagues have tremendous expertise in the games arena, and now they will be putting that knowledge to work for the brands that gamers love. Look for GamePro Custom Solutions to be blazing new trails in online branding for the game industry, providing gamers with deeper, richer interactions with the companies and titles they most want to know about.”

(via IndustryGamers)

One thought on “GamePro Shutting Down”

  1. I never even heard of this magazine but I miss magazines, honestly.

    I always used to look forward to a magazine a month for PS2 that had a demo disc and maybe a little book with cheat codes(I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about that).

    I’m always going on about the older days of games because I just believe that their better, only thing that’s better these days is the obvious ones like graphics and physics but these can only add so much to a game, without good gameplay and storytelling it’s rubbish to me, and online multiplayer is being ‘tacked on’ so much these days it’s getting very boring.

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