04 Jan

UPDATE (1/10/2011): AT&T has confirmed the month-to-month rates, but has yet to detail any plans for overage costs or possible download caps. Vita owners with a pre-existing AT&T plan – however – will get a free game of their choice (from a yet to be revealed list).

GameZone recently claimed to have gotten the statistics for 3G Vita ownership direct from AT&T. If their report is accurate, the standard data usage rates will apply to Sony’s upcoming handheld; $15/month netting 250mb, and $25/month allowing for 2gb. No contract with AT&T is required for either plan, all charges will be paid on a month by month basis. The rates have yet to be confirmed by either AT&T or Sony.

Reasonable rates, EGs? Or is $300 a year too much to pay for 3G multiplayer? Give us your financial analyses in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “Report/Rumor: US 3G Charges for PS Vita Revealed?”

  1. There honestly no reason to have 3G on the system. If you can’t make calls, then it is just useless and you are wasting your money. The battery life is already short on the system, and adding 3G in the mix will just further serve to drain your battery.

    Besides, you can’t game over 3G, so it is pointless. I have a smart phone that allows me to make calls, text and even browse the web, so I don’t need another data plan to do two less things that my phone can do.

  2. They should make it so you can use existing plans you’ve already got for your phone, so both your smartphone and your vita (or PADs) use the same 3g plan, with identical Sim cards ect…

    Of course you guys having it locked to AT&T kind of ruins that. So glad we don’t have monopolies like that up here.

    1. It is stupid. However, data plans (in the U.S. at least) are only regulated to one device per plan. My mom got me and my dad a plan, so that is $18 extra per phone (because of her company discount).

      3G just seems stupid if you can’t play games over it. Though being able to browse the internet would be good, but that is why I have my phone.

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