05 Jan

This is not a good sign. Sony’s Playstation Vita has met with less than expected numbers for both of its weeks on store shelves, and while the wifi SKU has seen decent – if not spectacular – sales, the 3G model has been an albatross around the system’s neck, weighing down the overall figures for the device. Retailers are already taking the reigns, with some outlets discounting the 3G version up to 20%, cutting prices to ¥24,999 (approx. $325) down from ¥29,980 (approx. $390). Sony has not released a statement on the matter.

(via GamesRadar)

What could these cuts mean for the Vita’s long term sales, EGs? Should Sony discontinue the 3G model in Japan, or not even bring it to the West? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Vita Seeing Price Cut in Japan After Second Week on Shelves”

  1. Considering this is just retailers cutting the price, then it would seem that they want to get more sales by trying to push the systems and get people to buy the games. The problem with this generation of handhelds is the lack of games coming out in the release window. You can’t rush out an expensive piece of hardware without the support.

  2. Good idea, they should do this everywhere when it’s released Worldwide, maybe even get rid of that useless overpriced 3G version and just release the wi-fi version and bring down the price of the wi-fi a bit.

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