Bastion 10 Feb


Game Club crew recorded a podcast. It was about Bastion, or some game like that. Might want to give it a listen… couldn’t hurt anyway… and Kid, be careful… theres spoilers around every corner.

Show Notes

00:00 – 00:48 MUSIC – A Proper Story
00:48 – 02:00 Introductions
02:01 – 07:05 Bastion History
07:06 – 40:00 Our thoughts on Bastion
40:01 – 41:52 MUSIC – The Mancer’s Dilemna
41:53 – 53:16 Community Feedback
53:17 – 54:22 Next Game on the Game Club – Unstoppable Gorg
54:23 – 55:22 Thanks to Nick from Team Abobo
55:23 – 56:59 Wrap-up, iTunes/Zune Reviews.
57:00-57:45 features, Wrap up
57:46 – 60:23 MUSIC – Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)

Next Episode of Game Club: Unstoppable Gorg

The game for the next episode of the Game Club is Unstoppable Gorg. Please check it out, play along with us and be sure to leave your thoughts on the game before we record our next show on February 23rd.

Thank You to everyone that listened to the show, played along with the Game Club and gave us some comments and thoughts to read during the show! Please don’t forget we’re on itunes now and we need feedback and ratings! We hope you’re enjoying the Game Club as much as we are! Thank you for your support!

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12 thoughts on “Elder-Geek Game Club #17 – Bastion”

  1. -It blows my mind that you guys turned off the narrator! He delivers the best thing about the game… the Story (which you guys need to beat the challenge rooms… it fills in some really cool backstory).
    -The original Legend of Zelda had new game plus. I can’t think of a game before that, but I’m sure there were many.
    -This game was on my game of the year list (#7) because it has soul. Big games are missing something that these small games have. This game was able to innovate despite being such a small game.
    -Everything in the game was hand drawn. You can watch the making of this game on Building the Bastion:

        1. “Korne got up late that mornin.’ Normally he sets an alarm, but before he went to bed he forgot to flick that crucial switch. I guess time has a funny habit of makin’ a fool of us.

          He reached for his normal tube of Crest toothpaste….”

    1. Zelda had a second quest, not a new game plus. They’re very different ideas.

      And where did this game innovate? There is some clever presentation but nothing innovating.

      That’s cool you liked it though. I liked it too, just didn’t love it like I wanted to.

        1. But is he really? Sports games have been doing the real time commentary thing for ages. It’s just being applied in a different and unique way here. A fresh take on something? Yeah sure, but I’m not sure I’d put it into the innovative category.

          Also, LOL at nah-ray-tore. HAHAHAHAHA.

          1. I’ve played sports games where I’ve heard the same phrases used multiple times within the same game. I can’t recall hearing the narrator use the same phrase twice.

            I’m still saying he’s pretty damn innovative. The way he was used should be refocused into other genres like RPGs and ESPECIALLY children’s games.

      1. New game plus is playing a game again with current progress (and usually harder enemies). Legend of Zelda has harder enemies and you keep your max hearts.

        And the narration is an ingenious way of tying story and gameplay together seamlessly. So many tiny details are mixed into the lines that it is much more effective than if they had a cutscene. Yes, this game is very innovative, I will push storytelling into some new and interesting directions.

        1. I don’t wan to get into a NG+ argument, but you don’t carry your hearts over in Zelda. You start a second quest, which has harder enemies and the dungeons, shops, and items are all in completely different locations. The only thing that remains the same is the over world map.

          That said, you’re probably right that something did it before Chrono Trigger, I just can’t think of or know of anything that did.

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