13 Apr

Later this month, Dragon Shouts will get a lot more literal. Bethesda announced earlier today that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be updated sometime this month – for free – with Kinect voice support, recognizing over 200 unique voice commands. Not limited to the fantasy RPG’s famed vocal chord attacks, Dovahkins will be able to use voice commands for menu surfing, commanding followers, and hotkey equipping.

In related news, the phrase that’s already been yelled across the internet – even before news of Kinect support – has been recently trademarked by Zenimax Media. Bethesda’s parent company has officially laid claim to the Dragon Shout “Fus Roh Dah”, their new patent giving them legal ownership over all computer game software, entertainment services, and goods (everything from backpacks to bobble-heads) bearing the Shout-turned-meme. No official announcement has been made on what consumer goods we can expect from the trademark.