medal-of-honor-battlefield-4-beta 19 Jul

After being revealed on Monday via marketing image for Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-orders (above), the never-doubted existence of Battlefield 4 has been officially confirmed by Electronic Arts. The beta on offer with a purchase of Warfighter still stands, and EA has been quick to emphasize that the announcement has not affected plans for continued DLC on Battlefield 3, which is still scheduled for three more expansions.

Pre-ordering Warfighter is not the only way to get into the beta for the new Battlefield, but so far is the only confirmed method and the best chance for guaranteed access.

“The team at DICE is hard at work on the next entry in the Battlefield series, and to ensure access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta, shooter fans can pre-order Medal of Honor Warfighter today.” read EA’s statement in part.