destination-playstation 08 Jan

Sony will once again be hosting its annual ‘Destination Playstation’ media showcase a couple weeks prior to E3 this year, and the company’s promise of a “first look at amazing new releases from SCEA” could mean that the industry-only event could offer the first glimpses at PS4 tech or software. Sony adds on the invitation, “Third-party publishers will be on-hand to discuss their plans for 2013.” With the event likely to play host to a broader range of Vita and PS3 titles than Sony will manage to fit into their E3 press conference, third party support is an area that both Sony and Microsoft need to be showing strength in as they move into new hardware releases (and new hardware prices).

While a full reveal is more likely to occur at E3, Sony could be seeking to ape Microsoft’s pre-show reveal strategy done with the Xbox 360, which allowed them to dominate headlines well into the show itself, a move which Microsoft may be considering to repeat with its new machine. And even if the grand unveiling won’t occur until early June, ‘Playstation Destination’ could prove a fertile ground for less-than-subtle hints at features or launch titles for the PS4. Confirmations of all-but-inevitable console fixtures, such asĀ  implementation of Gaikai tech – or a rebuttal/explanation of the company’s recently rumored anti-used games patent – are even more likely.

(via CVG)