DukeNukemForever 14 Sep

3D Realms co-founder and CEO Scott Miller has announced in a letter to the media that 3D Realms has dropped its lawsuit against Gearbox Software for unpaid royalties for Duke Nukem Forever.

The lawsuit was filed in June, and it claimed 3D Realms was owed more than $2 million in royalties and fees for Duke Nukem Forever, the game Gearbox completed and released after 3D Realms had worked on it for over 10 years.

“After reviewing evidence regarding our business affairs, and without any money exhanging hands, we have satisfactorily resolved any and all diferences that we perceived against Gearbox,” the letter reads, in part.

“We regret the misunderstanding that instigated our lawsuit. Now that we better understand – and appreciate – the actual nature of our business matters, we have voluntarily withdrawn our claims against Gearbox, with genuine apologies to Randy [Pitchford] for any damage that our lawsuit may have cause to the relationship.”

(via Polygon)