CrashBandicootCover 22 Nov

As first spotted on Reddit, this week Activision took down the Crash Bandicoot website and also removed all references to the franchise from its web properties.

When asked by Twitter users if Crash Bandicoot would make a return on the PlayStation 4, Sony’s Adam Boyes suggested they ask Activision since they own the IP. However, VideoGamer editor David Scammell also posted this on Twitter: “Earlier today I asked Activision whether it still held the rights to the Crash Bandicoot license. Answer: ‘No comment’.”

There was also a Crash Bandicoot easter egg spotted in the PS4 launch trailer. It shows Crash with an arrow pointing to a gold diamond, similar to the Sony Computer Entertainment logo, further suggesting Sony will reboot the series on PlayStation.

Naughty Dog originally created Crash Bandicoot for Sony on the PlayStation One. Several publishers have held the rights to the franchise since with the latest console-based game being Crash: Mind Over Mutant for the PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii in 2008.

(via CVG)