NaughtyDog-logo 22 Apr

The Last of Us art director Nate Wells has left Naughty Dog, to join Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow.

“Yes, I joined the wild, wacky, and ultimately brilliant folks at Giant Sparrow on April 3,” Wells said on Twitter, in part.

Writer/actor Todd Stashwick, who was the narrator in the Uncharted PS4 teaser trailer, is also no longer involved with Naughty Dog, telling IGN: “They chose to recast my role.”

The departures of Stashwick and Wells follow former Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig and former game director Justin Richmond leaving the studio over the last two months. Hennig departed to join Visceral Games to direct the studio’s unnanounced Star Wars game and Stashwick was recently hired as the project’s co-writer.

Richmond left the studio to join Riot Games in late March. “I have in fact made the decision to leave Naughty Dog,” Richmond told IGN at the time. “I love the company and the people and know that they will continue to create awesome games going forward. On a happier note, after careful consideration and exploration I have joined Riot Games. There is some really innovative stuff going on here that I can’t wait to be a part of.”

(via IGN)