RazerAndroidConsole 26 Jun

Google announced its Android TV platform at its Google I/O conference today. The platform will provide a streamlined way to bring entertainment directly to TVs.

TVs with built-in support for Android TV will arrive next year, and dedicated set-top devices will also be made, including a micro console from Razer. The Razer device will run Android TV to deliver all entertainment including movies, music and other apps, however the firm stated it will have more of a focus on hardcore gaming.

An official name, hardware specs, controller support, pricing and release dates remain undisclosed. However Google did note that users will be able to use Android devices such as smartphones and tablets to connect to Android TV, providing numerous remote control options.

Android TV will officially launch later this year, alongside the next major Android update. Razer’s micro console and TVs with built-in Android TV support are expected to release in 2015.

(via CVG)