FarCry4_SteamPC 03 Feb

Last month, Ubisoft had discovered that a number of Far Cry 4 keys had been purchased with a stolen credit card, and re-sold. Ubisoft then decided to deactivate all of them.

After an investigation into the issue, Ubisoft has confirmed to Game Informer that it will reinstate keys that had been successfully activated by customers.

“After further investigation into the matter of keys that were fraudulently purchased on EA’s Origin store, we are reinstating keys for consumers who already had successfully activated and started playing the games,” a representative told Game Informer. “Any remaining fraudulently obtained and resold keys have been deactivated.”

“We are working with EA to prevent situations like this from happening again, and we will continue to deactivate keys that are found to be fraudulently obtained and resold,” Ubisoft continued. “We strongly recommend that players purchase keys and downloadable games only from the Uplay shop or trusted retailers.”