FableLegends_EvienneScreen 06 Mar

Lionhead announced last month that Fable Legends will be cross-playable on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

Speaking at GDC the studio has detailed some of its goals for the cross-play functionality of the game. According to engineering lead Raymond Arifianto, there will be no in-game mention of what platform players are using. “Everyone is just a Fable Legends player. It doesn’t matter.”¬†Arifianto said, in part.

“People ask us why we don’t just do this the way it has always been done before. Why don’t we split the player pool up into Xbox and PC? What we have learned is that every time people play Fable Legends, either as a hero or a villain, it’s a different experience. A larger pool of players creates opportunities for a richer experience.”

Players will begin Fable Legends in the social village area of Brightlodge, where they can meet other players of the game or search for a match.

(via Polygon)