31 Jan

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that internet connections in war-torn Afghanistan kind of suck. It was his “disgustingly” slow connection that lead a stationed US Air Force officer (Reddit username: “bolivar-shagnasty”) to email Supergiant Games, the makers of Bastion. His attempts to download the critically acclaimed action-RPG timed out on both Direct2Drive and Steam, so the […]

20 May

According to a report by MCV, IGN will be announcing the sale of digital distribution platform Direct2Drive to Gamefly within the next week. Though IGN has not commented on the matter, MCV indicates the information was provided by trusted sources. Gamefly is a company specialized in offering game rentals by mail.

27 May

Online distribution service Direct2Drive is getting into the Free2Play market with their recently announced “starter packs.” The package includes a free download of games priced normally up to $19.95, with discounted rates for virtual items. These differing versions of the game will still be developed by the game’s developers, and should help Direct2Drive (who only […]