25 May

Sega announced that it will be publishing The Cave, the new adventure game from Ron Gilbert (Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island), which is set for a release sometime in early 2013. In development at Double Fine (unrelated to the studio’s now famous Kickstarter project), The Cave will release digitally on Playstation Network, Xbox […]

23 May

Alasdair Martin and Anish Antony; developers whose resumes include credits at Lionhead Studios, Codemasters and Electronic Arts; have formed the motion-control focused studio Kinesthetic Games. Their first release – Kung Fu Superstar – began life as an entry in Lionhead Studios’ Creative Day initiative by fellow staffer Kostas Zarifis. Superstar, which aims to teach real […]

14 May

The fight for the name DOTA seems to have come to a close. Blizzard Entertainment released a statement late last week concerning their ongoing battle with Valve Software over the trademark, both studios having games in development attached to the lucrative namesake. According to Blizzard, Valve will continue to develop DOTA 2, and Blizzard’s own […]