01 Feb

Despite having downplayed rumors on the matter less than a month ago, Sony has issued a press release indicating that Kazuo Hirai will become the new president and CEO of Sony Corporation. On April 1st, Hirai will replace Sir Howard Stringer at the wheel of the electronics giant. Stringer will remain on as chairman and […]

20 May

The troubles for Sony’s Playstation Network seem never-ending. After successfully relaunching its basic framework after two separate data hacks, it was discovered that a user could reset any other gamer’s password with just the email and date of birth associated with the account, causing Sony to strike the online reset service. Sony later updated that […]

01 May

Sony’s Tokyo press conference on the Playstation Network outage (supposedly a “known vunerability” that was not expressed to managers at the affected data center) is just wrapping up. While little new information was given, Sony Corp’s Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai did detail a compensation program to thank users for their patience. All members of […]