16 Jun

Game developer Konami announced today that, in respect for the 1st birthday of the latest in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, they will be releasing new and exciting announcements in relation to the series every day this week, including game updates to already released IP. The Playstation-3 exclusive stealth-action title has received unmatched praise from numerous gaming publications, including dozens of “Best Overall Game” and “Best Playstation 3 Game” for its year of release.

Monday‘s release was a special batch of content for the multiplayer installment to the franchise, Metal Gear Online, which comes bundled with every Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots disc. The content update was right in line with the change in season, as all of the playable characters for the game now had the equippable option of bikini clothing, impractical for combat, but very practical to enjoyment. The content is now available to all those that purchased the previously available SCENE expansion pack.

Tuesday‘s announcement came directly from Konami headquarters, which launched a press release detailing the shipping of the new “Greatest Hits” edition of Metal Gear Solid 4, which now retails for $30 and is available at most retail chains.

Wednesday‘s information release was in fact another batch of new content for Metal Gear Online, this time in the form of both a new map in the style of one of the franchise’s most famous locations, Shadow Moses (termed “Iceberg Inferno” in game,) in addition to an Old Snake character model based his look as protagonist in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, complete with his special Octo-Camo suit, which allows for the player to blend into any surrounding environment. Also new to this update is the “Auto Matching Reward” system, which automatically gives the highest ranked player (in team combat) or the winner (in individual combat) of a match the most reward points to spend on in-game items and upgrades. TheĀ  new content is immediately available for all those that purchased the previously released SCENE expansion pack.

More is expected from the developers throughout the week, so keep your eyes stapled to Elder-Geek’s newsfeed for more information!