24 Jun

ZEN studios recently announced the production of first-person-shooter title based on Marvel’s “The Punisher” comic-book license, set to release exclusively on the Playstation Network on July 2nd. The Punisher: No Mercy, was designed with frenetic online gameplay in mind, the game will ship with a variety of solo and squad-based gameplay modes with many playable allies and enemies from the Punisher catalog. Powered by Unreal Engine 3, up to eight players can duke it out over a variety of comic-inspired maps. In addition to the multiplayer functionality, No Mercy

comes equipped with a hearty single player mode featuring art by Marvel artist Mike Deodato.

“Our team has been working long hours to deliver a first-person shooter experience that will live up to the Punisher name,” said Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director for ZEN Studios. “With awesome characters, a customizable system, and fast-paced multiplayer action, No Mercy is breaking ground in the digital space. For comic and shooter fans alike, this is a must-have game for the summer.”

The Punisher: No Mercy, is set to retail on the Playstation Network for $10.